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Add Video Narration to Your Presentations : Slidesix

Thursday, March 12, 2009 , Posted by Linda at 10:34 AM

Slidesix is multimedia enabled presentation sharing. Simply upload, add multimedia, enhance and share!

Slidesix allows users to upload their public or private presentations and share them across all Web browsers. The genius feature, though, has to be that Slidesix supports multimedia creation so that users can record video narration to accompany their presentations and walk viewers through each slide.

Anyone can upload a presentation to the site, but to use Slidesix’s advance feature set, users will need to create an account. Once they do they can start uploading presentations (Keynote file types not supported) to their management console.
In the management console, members can get a global view of all their presentations, tweak them, record video narration using their webcam, attach files or external clips from sites like YouTubeYouTube reviewsYouTube reviews and VimeoVimeo reviewsVimeo reviews, add notes, watch the playback, and save presentations for sharing. Public Slidesix presentations can be viewed by all visitors, include video stats, and support viewer comments, so if you want to keep your presentation private and share it with just a few individuals, make sure to indicate that during the upload process.

For a look at how the video narration adds to (or subtracts from) presentations, check out this Slidesix demo:

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